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Man And Woman Sitting In Finnish Forest By The Lake

12 Signs of Codependency

Do you judge yourself to be codependent? Do you tend to focus a lot more on another person rather than yourself?Do you make what they want more important than what you want? Of course we as humans depend and rely on others for support,…

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Honesty Europe Participants At A Workshop

How to Get Over Anger

What better way to start the new year and maybe some new ways of being than talking about anger? And not only talking about, but expressing anger too!  When did you last express your anger? Or didn't express it, even though you felt it? How…

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Pete And Tuulia Of Honesty Europe Show Mushrooms From Forest

A Christmas Gift for You

What about giving a Christmas gift to yourself this year? What about celebrating who you are? Are you ready to acknowledge that you have survived a pandemic and even learned many things on the way? What about naming now four…

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Two Women Standing Beside River In Fall Expressing Appreciation In Radical Honesty

Share your Appreciation Day

Chelsea here, and I want to talk to you about appreciation. When we think about giving appreciation, we typically associate it with a special occasion - such as Mother or Father’s Day, ‘Employee Appreciation Day’, a birthday, wedding, or even death. There…

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