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Dear friends, I recently read an article in a Finnish newspaper about experiencing freedom. It stated that the Finns feel more free than French, for example. I have read that article several times and I feel moved thinking both about…

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I appreciate you for…

When I recently returned home from the Radical Honesty Summer Retreat at our cabins in the woods of Finland, I was met by a stack of unread Amsterdam newspapers. This morning, I stood in my kitchen eating my muesli while…

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What comes mind when you think about the word “love”? Do you think about your partner, child/children, parents, friends, pets? Do you think about the lack of love in your life or the abundance of it? Do you love the…

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Me! Me! Me!

Dear friend, I want to write to you and I’m not sure what to write. I remember what my journalism teacher at university used to say about starting to write: If you first write your name, you’ll already feel better.”…

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