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Honesty Europe Blog Post At Peace

At Peace

As I sit here on the pier, I feel the breeze on my face. I listen to hear the waves hitting the shore and the loons calling to each other on the far side of the lake. I close my…

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Honesty Europe Blog Post Freedom


“Freedom.” That was my immediate reply when, last week, the Finnish therapist and author Anja Snellman asked me on Finnish television what I thought was the most important aspect about honesty. I immediately replied: Though I was initially surprised by…

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Honesty Europe Being Self-critical Tuulia

Being self-critical

Five years ago, at my first workshop in Greece, I recall feeling excited, nervous and inspired during the introduction round. Each participant was asked to share with the group his/her financial net worth, income, sexual history/orientation and something we didn’t…

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Honesty Europe Blog Post Asking For Help

Asking for Help

This year, I’ve challenged myself to ask more help. Oftentimes I tell myself that I can manage on my own. After all, my story is that I managed being an obedient child while my parents fought. I managed caring for…

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